Community Environmental Advocates

CEA advocates for responsible land use and environmental protection policies and actions in Nevada County. Our goal for Nevada County’s future is a thriving community, a strong economy, and a healthy environment.


We advocate for:

  • The environment. Preservation of the priceless natural, rural, and cultural resources that we cherish.
  • A sustainable economy. Productive growth which pays its way by protecting the environment, providing a balance of land uses, and aiming for housing and social programs affordable to all.
  • An open government. One that supports a growing economy with a deep respect for our priceless natural and cultural resources.


More specifically this means that we support things like:

  • Implementation of our adopted General Plans and Zoning Ordinances
  • Retaining the edge between the developed community and rural regions (controlling sprawl)
  • Preserving the natural landscape in our rural areas
  • Quality city and county planning which promotes energy conservation, clean air, affordable housing, public transportation, traffic and noise mitigation, needed public facilities, public spaces, safe high quality schools, historical and cultural resource preservation, parks and open spaces, scenic roads and highways
  • Quality development projects which include sidewalks and paths, open space, habitat and wildlife protection, visual protections, creative design and protection from urban levels of noise, traffic, and light

We seek to enable the public to be better informed, from identifying issues and participating at hearings to influencing local governments to create and implement sound land use and environmental policies which will improve our community. Working in collaboration with other groups and professionals, we provide analysis and advocacy on these issues from the viewpoint of the public, our neighborhoods and communities, and the environment.